Firefly Artist Spotlight: Ill Fated Natives

Having dropped their first full release, Philadelphia’s Ill Fated Natives discuss Arden, festivals, and upcoming shows.

O&A: How long have you known each other and how long have you played together?

Ill Fated Natives: At least four years. We’ve been in two bands since 2012. The first band diffused in 2013. So, we’ve been Ill Fated Natives for about four years now. Bets and O were in high school together. We came together after graduating, after brief run-ins playing music with each other. We met Joey on the way, building to that first band. Through the rise and fall of everything, we’re the three who remained.

O&A: Are there any Delaware venues you have played and what do you think of them?

Ill Fated Natives: Yeah! I have played so many churches in Delaware. World Cafe Live in Wilmington. I’ve played there a couple times. As Ill Fated Natives, this won’t be our first time as a band playing in Delaware. Arden! Yeah, Arden is in Delaware. The Gild Hall, right? That was such a great show. That whole community is awesome and they all gather around their events. They were good to us.

O&A: What do you think of Firefly Music Festival and the festival scene in general?

Ill Fated Natives: It’s always an amazing experience. The first time you’re going somewhere, especially if you’re playing it. The first time we went to South by South West, we played it. So, to have Firefly upcoming, I think it’s great. To get so many great acts together, it’s important to get them all in one space. There are a lot of different festivals, whether you’re talking about Okeechobee or a local one, Roots Picnic. You get a bunch of acts that usually don’t come through the city, and you get them all in one place.

O&A: Are there any other Firefly bands you would like to give a shout-out to or have been listening to recently?

Ill Fated Natives: That are playing this year? Yeah! There are a couple from Philly that I would definitely look out for. Chill Moody is going to be there. Hardwork Movement, they’re a dope band. A whole bunch of Philly family are going to get there and it’s going to be great for all of us. Vista and the Wolf. They’re doing great things. The Lawsuits are playing. Joie Kathos too!

O&A: Do you think streaming services, like Spotify, have had a negative or positive impact on the music industry?

Ill Fated Natives: It’s a double-edged sword. I think on one end, you can get your music out to people who typically wouldn’t be able to get it. But on the other hand, it totally revolutionized the record industry. So, now it’s a lot more difficult for an artist to get paid. So, I think it’s good and bad. If you get those plays up, you will get returns from Spotify. There is a little bit of compensation for the artist. Not like buying an album. You have to get it where you can.


Ill Fated Natives are a boldly charged collection of artists, self-described as a “tribal trio.” Their controlled chaos of hard rock sound is well-complemented with bluesy vocals. Be sure to check them out if you’re down at Firefly this coming weekend. Their sets are scheduled for Saturday and Sunday. See more photos: