Worth Trying – Oct. 2015

Suggestions from our staff and contributors


I’m Trading in my Chevy for a Kayak-ak-ak-ak-ak-ak

Our area has so many beautiful outdoor adventures that we don’t take advantage of often enough. My wife and I recently spent the day kayaking down the Brandywine for my birthday celebration. The scenery and experience made us forget that we were only 20 minutes from home.

Don’t take my word for it: check out Wilderness Canoe Trips on Concord Pike. They drop you in and pick you up when you’re done. They also have canoe and tubing trips available.

—Matt Loeb, Creative Director & Production Manager

Cancun Shrimp at Santa Fe Wilmington

I recently went to Santa Fe of Wilmington and decided on the Cancun shrimp tacos, and boy, I’m glad I did. They were delicious. You get two shrimp tacos with melted cheese, pickled onion, fresh cabbage, crispy bacon, tomato, scallions and the house Azteca sauce. Pair that with a margarita and you have yourself a perfect Mexican meal. I can’t wait to go back.

—Kelly Loeb, Search Engine Optimization Manager, Catalyst Visuals

Dottie’s Donuts at Brew HaHa!

I have a serious sweet tooth sometimes, especially when I’m trying to wake up in the morning and need some sugar to give me a boost. If you’re like me, try Dottie’s Donuts available at Brew HaHa! These all-vegan donuts are a perfect complement to coffee at any Brew HaHa! location and are offered in lots of original flavors. I recommend the cinnamon sugar for the uninitiated or, if you live dangerously, try the hibiscus donut.

—Tyler Mitchell, Graphic Designer

parallesParallels (2015)

This movie, available on Netflix, is dense with suspense, and leaves you asking for more. It’s distinctly a sci-fi /adventure film in which a small group of family and friends explore parallel earths. Constance Wu, of ABC’s Fresh Off The Boat, gives a strong performance. The production and writing lend themselves to a television production rather than a movie, so the film may spur a sequel, series or mini-series.

—Ryan Alexander, Contributing Designer