Worth Trying – Nov. 2016

Suggestions from our staff, contributors and readers

Seven-Day Farmer’s Market

Looking for that obscure, ethnic ingredient for a recipe you want to try? This place probably has it and it’s most likely at the lowest price you can find. Set up like a typical grocery store, it’s in the former Pathmark location on Lancaster Pike near Route 141. A gem for anyone looking for international foods, it also has things offered in a regular grocery store, but with way better prices and the added value of foods from around the globe.

—Tyler Mitchell, Graphic Designer

Brew With A View

Looking for a different place to enjoy a beer and a sandwich and watch the world pass by? Try the deck at Crabby Dick’s in Delaware City, site of the original Delaware City Hotel built in the 1800s. Grab a stool that directly faces Fort Delaware and watch everything from tankers to runabouts cruise up and down the Delaware River. Of course, the beer tastes better if it comes at the end of a bike ride, and the Mike Castle Trail is just a short pedal away.

—Jerry DuPhily, Publisher

Ready Player One

Ernest Cline’s first novel offers a look at the world in the year 2044, where the Internet as we know it has become a relic of the past, replaced by an incredibly immersive and virtually realistic version called the OASIS. It’s a fitting name for an imaginary refuge that attracts billions of people disillusioned by the dystopia their real world has become: ravaged by war, famine and ecological devastation.
Upon the death of OASIS creator James Halliday, it’s revealed that he bequeathed his entire fortune—and control of OASIS itself—to the person who finds three secret keys hidden within his digital universe. Thus ensues the most massive Easter egg hunt—one that quickly becomes a most dangerous game.
Cline’s premise is intriguing enough to make this book a thrilling page-turner, but it’s Halliday’s obsession with the ‘80s and the clever nostalgic nods to that era’s nerd culture—Atari video games, John Hughes films, Dungeon & Dragons and the music of Rush, to mention some—that give the story a unique flavor.

—Jim Miller, Director of Publications

Football at the Hilton

The Patio at the Hilton Wilmington/Christiana is offering big-screen football every Monday and Thursday nights. Nothing better than watching football outdoors with half-price wings and amazing nachos. Also, the Hilton’s breakfast sandwich paired with a mimosa is a great start for Sundays.

—Julie Miro Wenger, Event Allies