Worth Trying March

Suggestions from our staff, contributors and readers

Delaware Rock Gym

When people ask me, “what do you do for fun?” I tell them, “I climb,” and they usually laugh because, let’s face it, living in Delaware doesn’t offer the best options for climbing: we don’t have any mountains. But what we do have is one of the best rock gyms in the mid-Atlantic. The Delaware Rock Gym, at 520 Carson Drive, Bear, is a massive indoor facility with roped and un-roped routes for all ages and levels of experience. You can show up as a novice and there will be somebody friendly from the staff just waiting to talk you through the basics and have you climbing in a heartbeat. For those afraid of heights, don’t worry; the bouldering wall fits all the fun of climbing a big wall into small, more power-driven moves and maxes out around 10 feet. Your arms and hands will feel the burn after a while, but you’ll be hooked, I guarantee it. Check it out.

—David Ferguson, Intern

Fairfax Hardware

As a business owner with very little spare time to shop, this is where I go to find odd things for my store and my home, like light bulbs for display cases and other “old-fashioned” items not found at the big box stores. I receive assistance as soon as I walk in, they find what I need, and I’m out the door! As a small business owner, I know it’s tough being a mom and pop shop in this age of online sales and retail giants, and I want this business to thrive.

—Valerie M. White, Bellefonte Arts

S-Town Podcast

Okay, so this podcast, helmed by the crew behind This American Life’s explosive Serial, wasn’t released as of press time, but is slated for an unspecified date this month. And if it’s anything like seasons one and two of Serial, I know I’ll like it. Turns out the Serial creators have started their own production company, Serial Productions, and according to recent announcements, S-Town is their first project—an investigative nonfiction series set in small-town Alabama, promising murder mysteries, family feuds and a hunt for hidden treasure. All seven episodes will be dropped simultaneously, making binge-listening absolutely inevitable.

—Krista Connor, Associate Editor


I just discovered geocaching and it’s really fun. It’s similar to Pokémon Go because you have to find things using a map and GPS, but you find hidden objects instead of fictional, electronic creatures. You download an app and then follow directions to find interesting things hidden in containers. I’ve found caches in parks and throughout public places in the city.

—Oliver Poot, first-grader & adventurer