Worth Trying

Acai of Relief!

Although I’m new to the acai bowl experience, I couldn’t be more excited about a new “superfood” juice bar now open in our area. Located in the Shops of Limestone Hills, Raw Essential offers local, organic, cold-pressed juices, superfood bowls and fresh smoothies. The products are not only fresh and delicious, but make you feel amazing! rawessential.com.

— Matthew Loeb, Creative Director & Production Manager

London Fog at Drip Café

Traditional Earl Grey Tea is frothily reinvented at Drip Café in Hockessin in the form of a steaming mug of London Fog. The hot beverage incorporates milk and Drip Café’s vanilla syrup into the tea. While I’m not typically a fan of sweet drinks, this tasty concoction has won me over and I can’t wait to go back. (Which is probably when I’ll order the caramel apple pancakes O&A Graphic Designer Tyler Mitchell is always raving about!)

— Krista Connor, Senior Editor & Media Manager

The Valley Spirit Never Dies – MEGA

From rescued and refurbished parts of the band, The House, the Delaware five-piece called MEGA delivers an adventurous sense of introspection on its debut, The Valley Spirit Never Dies.

Kicking off with the energetic, pop-friendly “Winnie Cooper,” MEGA whisks listeners away on a road trip that offers a surprising variety of soundscapes. The journey features midnight escapes (“Oh No!”), cultural diversions (“Tetris”) and rearview-mirror regrets (“I Don’t Want to Get Married”).

Postcard highlights include “The Chromaticy,” a psychedelic lullaby lifted by lush vocal arrangements, and the humble finale, “The Cardinal,” a lovely folky ditty seemingly custom-fit for a future Wes Anderson film.

Catch MEGA during their Record Release Party on Saturday, Feb. 17, at 1984 with Arrows, Canyon and Worth. More at Mega.Bandcamp.com.

— Jim Miller, Director of Publications

Exodus Escape Rooms

close up key vintage on isolate white with clipping path.

Exodus Escape Rooms, with locations in Wilmington, Newark and Rehoboth Beach, is among Delaware’s leading escape room providers. Escape rooms require a group of people to solve a mystery within a limited timeframe in order to successfully escape the room they are locked in. It’s immensely immersive as you search for clues that are based on an intriguing theme within a room that’s packed with surprises.

My wife and I visited the Marsh Road location of Exodus recently and the experience was a collaborative struggle that we talked about for hours afterward. We were tasked with finding a serial killer, which is just one of the many themes Exodus employs to keep you fully engaged for an hour or more.

For details, visit axxiomescaperooms.com.

— Mathew Brown-Watson, Intern