Worth Trying

Suggestions from our staff, contributors and readers


This root vegetable has been variously described as “the ugliest vegetable you’ve ever loved,” “what happens when broccoli and cabbage get married,” and “a cross between an octopus and a space capsule.” Kohlrabi is suddenly semi-trendy, but I learned about it years ago from my grandmother, who grew it in her backyard garden. It’s crisp and juicy either raw or cooked (it can even be used in pies), and it has plenty of nutrients and antioxidants. Hard to find, but usually available at the 7 Day Farmers Market on Lancaster Avenue—site of the former Pathmark.

— Bob Yearick, Contributing Editor

Desert Rose, Media, Pa.

Desert Rose is a Mediterranean restaurant that opened a couple of years ago on State Street in Media. They are famous for their chicken shawarma that comes with cabbage slaw, cucumbers, tomato, hummus and tahini. The chicken is cooked on a spit for a long time and tastes amazing. The restaurant also offers exquisite appetizers, such as grape leaves. And to finish off any meal at Desert Rose, I highly recommend their authentic Turkish coffee. Worth the trip across the Pennsylvania line.

— Zuny Jamatte, Catalyst Visuals Intern

Maiale’s Mexicano Burger

No pun intended, but Maiale is on a roll. For our Breakfast Edition in April, we highlighted Maiale’s hearty breakfast sandwich, which was so satisfying and filling that our production manager, Matt Loeb, said he “didn’t need to have another meal until dinner.” Little did we know, but more accolades were to come.

Last month, Maiale won in the Restaurant Division in the 10th Annual Farmer & The Chef competition. The first-place finish came just weeks after their People’s Choice win at the annual Delaware Burger Battle. That champion burger—The Mexicano—is now available at Maiale (at the Cannery on Lancaster Avenue) for just $10. With pickled onions, cheddar and chipotle mayo atop a chili-and-cilantro-flavored beef patty, it’s packed with flavor.

— Jim Miller, Director of Publications

A Farm Fresh Experience

Strolling around bucolic Ramsey’s Farm, you wouldn’t imagine you are less than a mile from the hustle-bustle of the Route 202 corridor. And that is why Ramsey’s (500 Ramsey Rd., Wilm.) is such a local treasure. Fall is prime time for the Ramseys, who have operated the farm for 180 years. The six-generation farmstead offers city dwellers and suburbanites the complete farm-fun menu, including evening hay rides, bonfires, multiple mazes and pumpkin picking. You can simply pop in (check hours first) or plan a group outing by visiting RamseysFarm.com.

— Jerry DuPhily, Publisher