The Grand Finale

Four bands will face off on Oct. 15 to decide the winner of Musikarmageddon X

On Saturday, Oct. 15, the four finalists will battle it out at the baby grand for the championship of the10th annual Musikarmageddon. Arden Kind, Susquehanna Floods, TreeWalker and Hoochi Coochi are the last artists standing.

Mutual respect runs deep in this competition, and although the bands are technically competing against each other, Arden Kind bassist Emmett Dwyer acknowledges that “The positivity and respect from one band to another” is strong.

The competition, which started in the summer with showdowns at venues like Kelly’s Logan House, 1984 and World Cafe Live at The Queen, definitely brought the heat. Close calls were common, sometimes with just a handful of votes determining a group’s fate. But through it all, one thing has been consistent: the bands’ support for one another.

Everyone involved seems to agree that Musikarmageddon is, ultimately, a means of supporting Wilmington’s creative community, regardless of who takes the title.

“This competition has definitely brought some incredibly creative people together in this magical way,” says Zachary Crouch, lead guitarist of Perryville, Md., blues and folk rock band The Susquehanna Floods. “You can really tell that everyone participating is interested in helping bring music into people’s lives.”

The finale starts at 8 p.m. For tickets and more information, visit