‘You Tell Me’ Pizza Coming Soon to Christiana

Coming to the Christiana Fashion Center this May or June is MidiCi, a build-it-yourself pizza parlor that is part of a growing nationwide trend.
MidiCi features a counter service ordering system, standard in fast food chains, that allows patrons to customize their pizza as it moves down the line toward the oven, or they can choose a signature creation. This concept is reflected in the name MidiCi, which in Italian means “you tell me.”
Although not the first to incorporate this kind of pizza ordering service, MidiCi is raising the bar on the average pizza experience by using flour, tomatoes and meats imported from Italy. The pizzas are cooked in a wood-fired oven as opposed to the more common convection oven. An olive tree inside the restaurant adds another touch of Italy.
For more information, visit mymidici.com.