Worth Trying – Feb. 2017

Suggestions from our staff, contributors and readers

Keep It Local

I try to find small, locally-owned options whenever I can. During my inevitable weekend home repairs, I find myself at Wagner Hardware on Lancaster Avenue (formerly in Greenville). The staff brings an old-school approach of being helpful and knowledgeable, unlike the big-box hardware employees who avoid eye contact and turn the other way. These folks will hand your child a lollipop as they answer your questions and guide you to the items you need.

—Matthew Loeb, Creative Director/Production Manager

A Winter Hike

February is an easy month to feel cooped up indoors. For an extended period of time, that makes most people—like me! —miserable. So why not face the elements and get outside at a state or county park? Particularly after a snowstorm, Delaware’s trails, forests and meadows have a solitary allure in the winter that you just can’t find during the warmer months when they’re crowded with people and activity. So layer up, grab your dog, a friend, a loved one, or hit the trails solo for an outdoor adventure.

—Krista Connor, Associate Editor

Locale BBQ Post Breakfast Sandwiches

This place is the best for all your BBQ needs in the City of Wilmington. However, I think the best kept secret is its breakfast sandwiches. For five bucks, you get your choice of meat (usually bacon or sausage for me), topped with a perfect runny egg, cheese, an amazing remoulade sauce, on a fresh English muffin from La Fia’s Bakery, downtown. Served with a house pepper-vinegar sauce on the side, this thing will kick you in the mouth with flavor. If you find yourself on Lincoln Street during your morning commute, do yourself a favor and make a pit stop here.

—Tyler Mitchell, Graphic Designer

Jerry’s Artarama

A few years ago, my dog chewed our art director’s new sketchbook. Naturally I was mortified. In an attempt to reconcile as soon as possible, I ran to Jerry’s Artarama on Market Street. I have a hard time drawing a stick-person, so I was out of my element, but the staff was friendly and the store was filled with so much cool stuff. So when my son recently asked if we could make a cobra for his school project, I knew Jerry’s Artarama would be the place to go—and we didn’t have to deal with Concord Pike or Kirkwood Highway. The staff loved that there was a child there who was interested in art, and they enthusiastically guided us to the right supplies.

—Marie Graham Poot, Director of Digital Media