Musikarmageddon Showdown: Four Bands Left

Competition finals are set for Sept. 27 at the baby grand

The smoke has cleared, and four bands remain, ready for a final clash in the 2014 Musikarmageddon.

Blooming Act, Xtra Alltra, and Green Eggs and Jam are slated for the finals at the baby grand on Saturday, Sept. 27, along with wild card Minshara, selected by judges for a second chance in the competition.

Aug. 7 brought Blooming Act and Minshara face-to-face for the first round of the semi-finals. It was another well-attended show for both bands, with more than 70 audience members voting.

The crowd’s votes lifted Blooming Act over Minshara, who once again traveled all the way from Harrisburg to perform. But their travels weren’t for naught: they’re back in the competition, with the highest scores among judges.

Blooming Act became the first band to make this year’s finals.

“We are excited and honored to be the first band,” says Steven Jumps, bassist for Blooming Act. “The support shown by everyone throughout the first two rounds has been incredible and is a big part of us reaching the finals.”

On Aug. 14, Tone opened the night in their semi-final bout with Musikarmageddon vets Xtra Alltra, who are competing for the third year. Unfortunately for the younger musicians of Tone, even all their sound and fury couldn’t keep them in, and Xtra Alltra snagged an easy win with both the judges’ scores and a landslide of votes from the audience.

“We’ve learned that perseverance pays off,” says tenor and baritone sax player Andy Jenks. “Our focus for the semi-final was to play a flawless set of our original tunes that we’ve been perfecting for the past few years, and we feel confident we’ll do well in the finals if we can execute the tunes in a similar fashion.”

On Aug. 21, the last round of the semi-finals saw Green Eggs and Jam and Late Saints wage a head-to-head battle. Judges went for Late Saints, but with a large group of supporters, Green Eggs and Jam advanced to the finals.

“We have learned several things from our experience in Musikarmageddon so far,” says David Petrea, bassist for Green Eggs and Jam. “One, it is exceptionally important to take advantage of opportunities when they present themselves. Two, self-promotion is key to a band’s success. Three, there are a lot of very talented bands writing and preforming interesting music in Delaware, and four, the outside load-in steps at The Logan House will get longer with each successive trip up and down.”

Members of Xtra Alltra are already envisioning their post-finale plans should they be become champs: “If we win, we’ll celebrate with ice cream,” says Jenks.