Kesha Films New Video at Oddity Bar

When Andrea McCauley and Pat McCutcheon, owners of Wilmington’s Oddity Bar, recently received an anonymous phone call from someone inquiring about utilizing the quirky bar and venue as the setting for a music video, they had no idea what – or who – to expect.

The caller eventually revealed the artist as Kesha – as in, the pop musician who has sold millions of records worldwide. The caller, who turned out to be Kesha’s brother Lagan Blue Sebert, was the co-mastermind behind the idea, who, after scouring the internet for a perfect setting and landed on Oddity Bar, would produce and direct the video. Kesha herself was heavily involved in the workings of the project, with a strong vision which turned this into an intimate family project.

“They contacted us a little over a week prior, so it all happened pretty quickly,” says McCauley.

The video for the single “Woman” was filmed the day before Kesha’s Saturday set at Firefly in June.

Oddity bartender Chris Devitt ended up being the main liaison, working with Sebert on logistics, extras, and even procuring a classic car the siblings envisioned for the rockabilly-themed video. (The driving scenes take place in the Brandywine Valley, says McCauley.) Devitt is in the video, along with two other Oddity bartenders.

“Kesha was great. She was down to earth and pretty involved with the making of the video,” says McCauley.