About This Month’s Cover

Freelance portrait artist Joe Hoddinott of PhoJoegraphy took this photo of his partner, Jess McIntern, underwater in a pool in August, in the aftermath of an extremely difficult year. Last March, McIntern, who was 28 at the time, was diagnosed with stage one breast cancer. She had to undergo full treatment—chemo, surgery and radiation, in addition to the exhausting round of doctor visits, tests, procedures, and medications to be taken.

The couple had been doing underwater photography since 2012, and McIntern decided she wanted to continue to do so throughout her treatments. Hoddinott says the photography helped “keep some sense of normalcy in our lives and hopefully make art that inspires people at the same time. I wanted to show a beautiful, strong woman who was inspiring.”

Now, thankfully, McIntern is past all her major treatments and on the path to recovery.

“I thought it was important to use her for the cover for October 2017 because it’s Breast Cancer Awareness Month,” says Hoddinott.

The couple is taking part in an underwater-themed exhibit, “Chiaroscuro,” at the new RH Gallery & Studios (1304 Old Lancaster Pike, Suite D, Hockessin). Opening Friday, Oct. 13, it’s a shared show with several other artists: Rick Hidalgo (resin artist), Kristen Margiotta (illustrator) and Ellen Durkan (blacksmith). 

For more, visit phojoegraphy.com.