Firefly Artist Spotlight: Lawrence

A few hours before their first Firefly set, soul pop duo Lawrence previewed an upcoming weekend and what to expect next.

O&A: Have either of you been to or played Firefly before?

Lawrence: I went the first year and it was actually the first festival I had ever been to. So, this is a special return for me. I was going as a fan, It had been the first time I had gone to a festival as a performer. The first year, so that must have been back in 2012.

O&A: Any fun memories or memorable sets from that first year?

Lawrence: Oh yeah, tons of memorable sets. I remember the Black Keys were really good. I remember seeing John Legend and he was really good. There was this band called Kids These Days and it was a hip hop band with Vic Mensa. A lott of those guys are close with Chance the Rapper and some are in his band as well. Same drummer and some other people.

O&A: Are there any other local shows you’re playing?

Lawrence: We have a couple shows in the works that we’re figuring out right now. We’ve done a ton of touring in the North and MidWest. We’ve mostly been doing festivals and working on our new material. We’ve been on tour with Lake Street Dive. We always have shows in New York, but we promise we’ll be back in Delaware as soon as we can.

O&A: For those who are new to you, what could they expect at a Lawrence show?

Lawrence: I would tell them to expect a party. When we started out, we were just playing cafes in New York, years ago. But for the past few years that we’ve been touring, we’ve had a full band on stage. Eight people. It is a staple of the sound we go for. It has become a part of our identity. Lawrence: This clown car of friends and musician piling onto a stage that is too small for us. We get up there and we bring the house down.

O&A: Are there any other Firefly 2017 artists that you know personally or recommend?

Lawrence: Let me take out my Firefly App! If you’re talking about people we compare ourselves too, most notably, I get told on a daily basis that I look like Lil Dicky. I will be around the festival to confuse all of his fans. OK Go is a band that their lead singer went to the same college as us, Brown. We love them for all the crazy innovative stuff they do with their music videos. Misterwives is a band that people compare us with. They’re young, vibrant, and energetic, in the same way that we are. Then lastly, we went on tour with Andy Frasco. You have to check that out. You will leave differently than when you came.


Lawrence is a youthful soul pop group, sister and brother, Gracie and Clyde Lawrence. Gracie hits the falsettos while Clyde dazzles on the keys. They will be playing a second set at Firefly Music Festival at the Treehouse stage on Sunday. Also, you can stay updated for new releases by following them on their Facebook:

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